First Options

first option

First Options


Once you have identified your perfect plot speak to one of our Sales Executives and they will talk you through our First Option agreement paperwork. They will give you a guide price (which is subject to change), if the guide price changes your £150 fee is fully refundable.  

All you then have to do is pay the £150 fee and wait for us to get in touch.


As we approach releasing the plot our Sales Executive will get in touch with you to confirm the release price, we then give you 3 working days to decide if you would like to procced with the purchase. If you do move forward we then invite you to complete all your reservation paperwork and transfer your £150 fee over to your reservation.

If you would like to take advantage of this scheme please get in touch with the Sales Executive on the development of interest to you and they will guide you through the process.

Terms and Conditions

Qualifying criteria will apply, please ask a Sales Executive for further details.