Part Exchange


Part Exchange

Part Exchange Explained

Part exchange your existing home for a brand new Shropshire Homes home. Only available on selected plots and developments, there’s no hassle, just a smooth move to your new home. Please speak to development Sales Executive on your chosen development for further information on availability.

Terms & Conditions

  • Part exchange is only available on selected plots and developments.
  • Valuation for part exchange will be based upon the price which an independent valuer believes your home would be likely to achieve in the current market as opposed to an advertised sale price.
  • We will appoint an independent valuer to value your home on the basis of a sale within 8 to 10 weeks.
  • We are under no obligation to make an offer. If you have already incurred costs (e.g. estate agents or legal fees) at the time of negotiating a Part Exchange Shropshire Homes will not reimburse these costs.
  • An offer made by us under the part exchange scheme is subject to any necessary further enquiries or reports.
  • We reserve the right to market the property you are selling prior to your move into a new Shropshire Homes home and you agree to allow reasonable access to the property to facilitate the resale (subject to agreed appointments) and to the erection of a “For Sale” sign at the property. You agree to cancel any existing agreements with estate agents and agree that you are responsible for any fees due to them.
  • You agree that no party is currently negotiating to purchase the property you are selling and that no introduction has already been made by any other party.
  • Shropshire Homes will purchase your existing home and take legal title to it prior to selling it on to a third party, to allow you to purchase a new Shropshire Homes home. If you withdraw from the transaction and Shropshire Homes has found a prospective buyer for your home, Shropshire Homes will not make an introduction between you and the prospective buyer. If an introduction has already been made by Shropshire Homes or their agent you will be liable to pay a fee of £1,000 plus VAT to Shropshire Homes to reimburse costs incurred and Shropshire Homes will have no further involvement in facilitating the sale.
  • On completion of a home purchase by us under the part exchange scheme we will retain a £500 retention bond which will be refunded to you provided your old property is left in an acceptable condition and you submit accurate meter readings to utility companies.
  • You will leave in place all curtains, carpets, blinds, light fittings and fixed curtain poles or replace with alternatives and making good any damage caused by alterations.
  • Solicitors will ask that you complete the Property Information Questionnaire and Form (PIQ/PIF). As Shropshire Homes has no first-hand knowledge of your existing home the company will have to use these same PIF/PIQ forms for presentation to a subsequent purchaser for your existing home. You confirm that you will complete these forms accurately and acknowledge that a future purchaser will rely upon on your answers and that legal action may be taken against you if you are found to have given false information.

We reserve the right to refuse a part exchange and we are under no obligation to give reasons why. All valuations and decisions are final.