Leighton Park Clap for Carers

Leighton Park Clap For Carers
04th June, 2020

Residents at Shropshire Homes’ renowned Leighton Park development, created from the former Shelton hospital in Shrewsbury, have been taking to the gardens to take part in the nationwide ‘clap for carers and key workers’ on Thursday evenings. 

Leighton Park has been under development since 2015, with over half of the luxury properties now occupied.  Sales advisor Jean Embrey praises the sense of community that the event has fostered in the grounds, bringing residents together in their shared appreciation for the key workers at the front line of the coronavirus pandemic, “The beautiful grounds at Leighton Park have provided a safe haven for the residents during lockdown, and it has been humbling to see everybody coming together to show their gratitude for those working so hard.”

Construction work on the original Shelton Hospital first began over 170 years ago in 1843 and the longstanding healthcare heritage of the Leighton Park grounds has been made all the more poignant by the resident NHS doctors who have been joining in with the applause.  The development offers a convenient location for those working at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and has been a popular choice for NHS staff.

After an incredible five-year transformation, Shropshire Homes have now entered the final phase at Leighton Park, a very exciting milestone for everybody who has been involved in the prestigious conversion.