Shropshire Homes Ltd Install Defibrillators Across Sites

shropshire homes defibrillators
26th August, 2021

Shropshire Homes have begun the installation of life-saving defibrillators across seven of their housing developments in and around the county.

Automatic external defibrillators can be used in an emergency by members of the public to restore a normal heartbeat rhythm to a person who has suffered a cardiac arrest.  Lightweight and portable, the devices have been credited with saving the lives of many people when a speedy response is essential to survival.  Awareness of their effectiveness has increased since the much-publicised cardiac arrest of Danish footballer, Christian Eriksen during the Euro 2020 tournament this summer with sales of the devices soaring.

The models acquired by Shropshire Homes are registered on an advisory site run by The British Heart Foundation and are linked to the ambulance service so that emergency callers will be notified of their location.  Once installation is complete, they will be available for use at sites in Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Telford and Stafford.

Managing Director Richard Shackleton says, “We are really happy to be able to provide such a valuable resource at our developments in Shropshire.  Many of us in the organisation enjoyed the Euros this summer and the moving story of Christian Eriksen inspired us to use our position to benefit the communities that we work in. 

“All of the defibrillators will remain in place once the developments are complete to be used by those in the area whenever they are needed.”